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Explore Summit Craters (3.300 metres a.s.l)

€ 10,00 p.p*

Are you ready  for a thrilling day exploring volcanic craters and  enchanting lava flows of  Etna volcano,  

one of the most active of  Europe?

This experience will lead you to explore  similar lunar scenery like Mars,  where various lava flows have modeled the morphology of the mountain. 


The trekking allow you to walk on recent lava flows through natural caves and trails,

in complete safety with professional  guides .


 The tour  Explore  Summit Craters included: Contact us


 - Cable way  + guide till   2500 metres a.s.l ;

  - Trekking excursion for about    6 hours  to reach Summit Craters  (3300 metres a.s.l);

 - A downhill walk along the volcanic black sand, to reach the starting point (Rifugio Sapienza)

in complete safety with vulcanologic guide.


Caveats:   TOUR IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED for people with heart condition, asthmatics or HYPERTENSION.



                                                                                                          <---   Compulsory reservation    of   €  10,00  p.p.

*The remaining part of € 80,00* will be paid directly on the spot, the same day of the excursion.


As soon as we receive the down payment, we will confirm you by email the Excursion Summit Craters followed by the CONFIRMATION VOUCHER  that you show   to the guide.  To confirm, please click  the buttom "BUY NOW".


Start: from H. 9:00 AM to H. 3:00 PM.

Duration: around 5-6 hours.

Difficulty: medium-expert trekkers.

Children:  starting from 8 years old .


Recommended Equipment: trekking shoes, dress in layers 'cause the different temperatures.

 Note: The feasibility of the excursion depends on the present volcanic and weather conditions.                                                 








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