I am Marina Distefano, founder of ETNAexcursionSICILY since 2014. I really feel such a Sicula personality inside my blood. I have been working in hospitality for 5 years, as a front desk agent first, and as hospitality Manager. I travelled for job reason in other countries as Malta island, then I moved myself to north Italy up to the mountains <3 precisely in Dolomites where I left a part of my heart.

You know what I mean... for me to live in the mountains is a fortune, I feel free, most of all, I appreciate simple and small things such as nature, flora and fauna. I am used to live a 1000 mt a.s.l., is a fact, but to live a few steps to the Etna volcano is something Special!

You know, for us villagers we live here to be close to Etna because for us, Etna is a Woman, Etna is a Mama that embodies Mother Nature, and woe to you if you call Etna volcano with a masculine name! ihihihihi

During my job days in touch with hotel guests it grew inside myself a big curiosity about other foreigners' countries with his customs and traditions. I really discovered a particular personality in me that never I had thought to have, in reality I was not coy and shy as often I thought to be, but very friendly! So because I discovered a hidden part of me... I decided to continue to work in the field of Tourism and now it is my aim, because I'm feeling very happy.
As the years go by, I increased other competences in the same field, and I obtained the Tour Leader Licence, the Licence of Travel and Tourism Agency Technical Director and at the end the Licence of Travel Designer to allow to the travellers to discover an unconventional Sicily or to allow the travellers to be involved in local traditions just like a genuine resident.

ETNAexcursionSICILY is a reality nowadays where travel proposals are not pre-packaged, but bespoke, and we differentiate them according to the travellers needs only after we have acquired all the detailed information from them.

Our Team is composed by Tour Leaders, Tour Guides, Trekking and Volcanological Guides, Minivan drivers or Car rentals with drivers. We also cooperate with the rental car company and other Locals operators.

We love to take care of our customers to make their holiday Unique and Special and each tour is differentiated according to the season and period, and we grant multilingual assistance in every moment of the day you need.