Palermo is the capital of Sicily. Human settlements and cave drawings have been found in Palermo and have been dated as early as 8000 BC. Initially under the Roman control, once the empire started to collapse, Palermo was conquered by Normands and then subsequently by Arabic and finally, in the XIth century, by Christians. Today Palermo has several wonderful food markets that operate daily.

The main food markets include Ballarò and Vuccirìa and all of them are located in the old town and not far from the main attractions. Here you will find street vendors and small stores full of delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, cakes, pastries and more. Quattro Canti is an open square located in the centre of Palermo and was built in 1608 and it is at crossroads with Via Maqueda’s arab district and Via Vittorio Emanuele.

Each corner of the semicircular square shows marble columns, inscriptions and statues of important
Italian citizens and rulers. Its symmetry and design is Renaissance style.